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Trauma Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy is a trauma healing method which uses regression to allow the completion of unprocessed emotions which are still presently causing unwanted thoughts, behavior's and symptoms. One of the main physical symptoms we see everyday are digestive issues. All other debilitating conditions that are always associated with unresolved trauma are eating disorders & other addictions, anxiety, depression, fatigue, learning difficulties and more.

We use kinesiology testing (sway test) that helps us to identify those unconscious limiting beliefs that compromise your potential for improving your mental health and reaching your life goals.

We help you tap into your self-healing mechanisms of the deeper parts of your mind. Through regression, you will travel to your past and find the root-cause of each limiting belief found in the test. Events and the associated emotions are found and by using special techniques they are removed from your body and mind. Assumptions and ‘theories’ are no longer necessary as we create a way for your mind and body to consciously access and reassess from a clearer perspective. This method is suitable for ages 12+

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